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Man Alive

Jul 29, 2021

For many men, it is important to feel powerful. It is often this feeling of power, or a desire for the feeling of power, that drives actions and decisions. But power can be confusing too. Power over others is different from power with others. A sense of internal power is different from external (or situational) power. 

So, how can you be powerful in a way that is good for you AND others? Or might it be that the search for power is misguided?

Today's Man Alive podcast guest realized that through his attempt to feel powerful, what he was seeking was not actually power. Justin B. Long, author of The Righteous Rage of a 10 Year Old Boy: A Journey of Self Discovery, brings a deeper look at power and strength through his personal struggles and breakthroughs. His mission is to make the world a better place by combatting toxically masculine ideas surrounding men and their emotions.

In our conversation we discussed:
  • Justin's quest for power and realization that he was really seeking strength
  • How to detoxify masculinity 
  • A deeper understanding of what actually makes us valuable 
  • The necessity of self-awareness for success and intimacy
  • Justin's journey through alcoholism and awakening to himself after decades of assuming he knew who he was
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