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Man Alive

Oct 28, 2021

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or overworked it can be a sign that we are taking life more seriously than we need to. Gamifying our activities is one way to bring more ease, fun and deeper meaning back into our lives. Today's podcast guest, Thomas Edwards, author of The 1Up Effect shows us how. 

Oct 21, 2021

Many people avoid conflict and try to keep the peace. This, however, keeps things shallow and erodes trust. When you know how to handle conflict well, it becomes less scary and relationships deepen and thrive. Jayson Gaddis, author of Getting to Zero, shows us how. 

Oct 7, 2021

In this replay, Jim Benson lays out his four archetypes of a Sexually Integrated Man. Learn how to express these archetypes authentically so you don't lose power and pleasure, which happens when these archetypes become distorted.