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Man Alive

Sep 28, 2023

How can heterosexual men develop more meaningful sex and conscious relationships, even when they are hardwired for sex? Today's podcast guest, author of Sexed, talks about how to get beyond conditioning from media, porn, and the sexual industrial complex, so sex can not only be more pleasurable, but also more intimate,...

Sep 21, 2023

Because pleasure is so enjoyable, it can be surprising  to know that many people are afraid of, or have some kind of resistance to, pleasure. Overcoming the blocks to experiencing pleasure is something every man deserves! Today's podcast guest focuses on showing you how.

Sep 14, 2023

Talking about sex as a man, whether in the realm of your desires or health, can be embarrassing or even seem to threaten your manhood. But this leaves many men at risk of everything from an unsatisfying sex to risk of early death. Bryan Stacy's sudden diagnosis changed his life and made him an advocate for helping...

Sep 7, 2023

Many men spend a whole lifetime having sex that is superficial or one dimensional, missing out on emotional and energetic levels of pleasure, and the exponential experience of feeling your partner's pleasure in your body, in addition to your own. Today's Man Alive guest talks about how to get beyond this, to go where...