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Man Alive

Jan 26, 2023

Men who identify as "Nice Guys" don't have to live with their desires at arm's length. If you're stuck in Nice Guy patterns, there is hope! In fact, Nice Guys are my favorite, because they have an incredible foundation of care and love. When balanced with sensuality and presence, it is the perfect recipe for...

Jan 19, 2023

This episode is my response to a client who recently asked how to still be seen as powerful and masculine as he shared his emotions.

Jan 12, 2023

When we learn to shift the ways we self-sabotage, in our love and business lives, we can reach new levels of success, personal satisfaction and impact! Today's guest has gone to the depths of his own psyche and soul to bring you tools to empower yourself.

Jan 5, 2023

Performance anxiety is common for most men, but it can be a thing of the past. Today's guest helps men overcome this anxiety by teaching tools for men to become better lovers and have more pleasure themselves in the process.