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Man Alive

Apr 27, 2023

When you value what others think of you, more than you value what you want and like, life becomes harder and less enjoyable. Many men experience this with women especially! Instead of feeling stuck and hesitant, you could feel free and relaxed, at ease with women. 

Apr 20, 2023

With three sex-positive, men-loving women in one place, you'd be crazy not to tune into this conversation! Today we talk about expanding your sex life by drawing on the ancient wisdom of Tantric and Taoist principles. We discuss what's possible for you and a partner, and many ways to make sex more exciting...

Apr 13, 2023

Vulnerability can be one of those words, or sentiments, that has men especially want to run. Today's guest was part of a very masculine world, without vulnerability, and eventually recognized the cost. We talk about how vulnerability doesn't have to be so scary and how embracing it can actually be a path to power and...

Apr 6, 2023

Being a man who has a powerful impact on the world while also feeling alive, free and at peace is no small task. Many men give up their fulfillment as they climb the corporate ladder and become more successful. But on today's podcast Tripp Lanier, author of the book This Book Will Make You Dangerous, proves that you...