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Man Alive

May 27, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest believes that even though nothing is perfect, you deserve a career you love. Kyle Elliott is a career coach in Silicon Valley and has worked in fast paced, high intensity atmospheres. He helps people understand how to know when to make a change in their career and when to move on to a different career. He also helps people own their fabulousness and achieve the impossible!  

Even when you love your career, there's going to be a time when work feels like, well, work! You likely spend MANY hours a week working ant that often takes up more time than anything else you do! It is natural to go through phases of enjoying what you do, and phases when work is frustrating, unsatisfying or even demoralizing. 

In this important episode, we discussed:
  • The role risk plays in being satisfied with what you do
  • How thinking about leaving a legacy can guide you to the right career now
  • How to "caffeinate" your career process
  • The overlaps between professional development, mental health and social justice
  • Kyle's experience helping Silicon Valley executives find a meaningful career path
Kyle has a story of finding his career that I think you'll find inspiring! 

Connect with Kyle Elliott

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