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Man Alive

May 6, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, Robert Manni, is the founder of the Guy's Guy Podcast. He has a modern take on what a guy's guy is, beyond the stereotypes and limitations of past generations. Robert is a surprising guy. As an advertising executive who had two near-death scares he has been guided by a curiosity about energy and spirituality from a young age. He is a Reiki practitioner and hypnotherapist to name just a couple of his certifications.

Never before in history, he said, have men had the choice of roles -- which you want to take on and which you want to do away with. You could choose to be the breadwinner if you want to, but you could just as easily choose to stay home and raise kids! You have the freedom to make choices based on what is meaningful and exciting to you, rather than follow a prescribed path.  

I know it's not always easy being a man, but according Robert, it is a great time to be a man!  

In today's episode, we discussed:
  • How being a guy's guy moves you beyond the outdated idea of being a man's man
  • What the re-emancipation of today’s men looks like 
  • How to find power and inspiration in your most painful, and even life threatening, moments
  • Robert's experience beyond the cognitive dimension, with healing, guides and spiritual dimensions
  • The most important lesson about dating and relationship Robert learned from his wife


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