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Man Alive

Apr 22, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, film director and producer Roger Nygard, spent seven years creating the documentary The Truth About Marriage. This is the first documentary he has appeared in, though he has created many others, including the well-known Trekkies! (Fun Shana fact you might not have guessed: I've always considered myself a Trekkie though according to Roger I'm not an actual Trekkie because I've never been to a convention!)

In this documentary Roger interviewed well-known psychologists, including John and Julie Gottman, and Pat Allen, as well as other therapists, sociologists, couples and singles with a variety of views on marriage. He and his experts share about common breakdowns that occur in marriage and how to have the best chance at success.

Whether you're married now, or want to be someday, Roger brings important information and perspectives to break free from the norm of people struggling to keep marriage alive and exciting these days!  
In our conversation we discussed:
  • How people tend to sabotage themselves and create dissatisfaction in relationships
  • Simple ways to maintain relationship well-being over time
  • What it takes to be happy on your own, rather than depend on your partner for it
  • The root causes of relationship struggles
  • What made Roger's best date ever and led to the best sex of his life!
I REALLY enjoyed this conversation with Roger and highly recommend watching the documentary after you listen. 

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