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Man Alive

Jul 1, 2021

If you are struggling with dating, you may be caught in old paradigms, beliefs and habits that stop REAL love from igniting and staying strong over time. Today's Man Alive podcast guest is a brilliant and open-hearted therapist, podcast host, and creator of the Deeper Dating platform -- where people connect with others who are interested in experiencing love and dating in a genuine way. 

There are many outdated ideas about love and relationships that cause a lot of pain and struggle in this modern day world. Men often tell me they feel the weight of expectations to look and act certain ways, to try to be who they think women want them to be.
The good news is that times are changing. From dating, all the way to business, authenticity and vulnerability are being welcomed more and more. You no longer have to be the rock, or the "got it all together" man to be respected or admired. You can relax and allow more of your humanity! 

In this episode, we discussed:
  • Why your strongest attractions can lead you astray
  • Attractions of deprivation vs inspiration
  • The gift-wound defense matrix and how your biggest wounds reveal your core gifts
  • How attraction ebbs and flows in dating and relationships and what to do about it
  • The 7 skills of deeper dating
Ken says, "If we only focus on immediate attraction, we may well end up unhappy. But if we prioritize the importance of deep emotional safety, our chance of finding real love expands powerfully.” 
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