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Man Alive

Jun 17, 2021

The world is changing and fast! As a parent, brother, uncle or mentor to a young person, you are likely not as prepared to guide a kid into the future as you thought you'd be. It's not your fault! How could you keep up with the exponential growth and unraveling of the world as we know it? It has been a wild couple of years and most of us could use some help! 

Today's Man Alive Podcast guest, Matt Barnes, is someone who has answers. He is the father of three amazing teens who were educated in traditional, hybrid, micro, and self-directed learning models. He brings POWERFUL WISDOM in the field of education and parenting and from 25 years of experience, running an $18m hospital department, distributing $500m in philanthropy, leading an education reform nonprofit, serving on nine educational boards and coaching thousands of parents to “WIN” The Education Game. 

In this episode, we discussed:
  • The 3 types of communication that are most important for kids to learn
  • The role of dad and how it is changing because of technology and the state of the world
  • What it takes for your child to become the curious, autonomous, high-agency learner the future will require
  • Matt’s Education Game and how to educate kids while also educating yourself
  • Matt's book: Elon's Kids and Yours: A Disruptive Education Playbook for Non-Billionaire Parents
Matt's wisdom hit me in the heart and has already impacted my relationship with and how I educate my kid! 
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