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Man Alive

Jun 10, 2021

Today's guest, Connell Barrett, has a mission to help men attract a soulmate while being authentic and confident. He is the founder of Dating Transformation and shows men a new way to date with his new book, Dating Sucks But You Don’t. 

We all know dating can be challenging. And as you get older it can become more challenging. Your body may not work the way it used to. You may not know what women are looking for as they get older. Online dating can be confusing and exhausting as you try to present yourself in a way that stands out.
But one of the hardest parts many of my clients talk about is the self-doubt dating tends to bring up. It can make you question yourself and your worth, even if you normally don't. 

In this episode, we discussed:
  • Why Nice Guys finish first, not last
  • How you can use a great mindset to attract women, instead of a great line 
  • Focusing on connection rather than conquest 
  • Using courage as the currency to buy you confidence
  • Why you get to be uniquely you, rather than trying to be who you think a woman wants
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For Women: Modern dating doesn’t have to be a nightmare for women


In the 6 Day Reboot you'll learn to:

  • Avoid repeating past mistakes and working hard at attraction
  • Stop being the friend or the man a woman won't sleep with
  • Understand Woman-Speak, and what women aren’t telling you, so women are less maddening ;)
  • Get back in the game when you've been out of it -- dating or even in your long term relationship
  • Develop REAL Confidence...rather than what most people think confidence is, that keeps you lacking it
  • Increase your mojo even as you get older and testosterone fades