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Man Alive

Jun 3, 2021

After a crazy accident where he drove off a bridge, today's Man Alive Podcast guest was  paralyzed from the waist down. He had such severe nerve pain that he was given a life expectancy of only a few years (similar to Christopher Reeves). Miraculously, while watching a movie in the hospital, his understanding of pain changed and he set out on a quest to relieve his, and others', pain. 
Richard Hanbury has experienced more pain than many of us will in a lifetime, but the important part is he did not give up. Amazingly he created a device that allows people to enter into the brain states that long term meditators reach to relieve many types of pain, sometimes even forever! His nerve pain has not returned in the years since the development.

In this important episode, we discussed:
  • How psychological and physical pain manifest and can feed into addictions
  • Suggestions for more clarity and relief from pain -- physical and emotional 
  • The most important thing to do for yourself as a CEO
  • Richard's story of paralysis and his diagnosis
  • The device Richard created that took away his nerve pain in three months
I highly suggest listening to this episode for a dose of possibility and a reboot of courage and strength. Richard is one of the most inspiring humans I've met. To come through such intense pain and then use it to be in service of healing others is an extraordinary feat. 
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