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Man Alive

May 13, 2021

While it may seem cliche, the reality is that you have one life to live! As you get older, it's important to check in with your goals and visions, to see if you've left anything or any parts of you behind. Life is too short to be defeated or drained, or to feel like a zombie in your work or relationships. If that's happening, it's time for a change!  

Today's Man Alive podcast guest is a truly inspiring man. Dr. Tim Reynolds is not only a medical doctor and director, here is also a professor, a pilot, a world traveler, has been in the military and owns a ranch. He has written about his life and how he empowers himself and others to take control of their lives in his book: Living Every Minute. He writes about the seven pillars of creating a spectacular life, rather than settling or tolerating good enough. 

In today's episode, we discussed:

  • The 30 second make-out and other tips to keep passion alive with the same woman for decades
  • How to not only raise, but be connected with your children 
  • What to do now to create an amazing life, even if you don't know your purpose
  • Why adventure is necessary in life, especially for men 
  • Tools for being the best husband you can be and inspiring your spouse to be the same

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