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Man Alive

Apr 15, 2021

It's common to create a vision for your life and live into it for years, or decades. But at some point you may wake up and realize you have grown and your vision is no longer aligned with the current version of you!

You may start to feel adrift in life, or on autopilot -- doing day to day tasks without feeling inspired. You may wonder if what you're doing is meaningful. 

Today's Man Alive podcast is with Taylor Morgan, a Holistic Lifestyle Specialist and founder of The Captain’s Lifestyle. Taylor is an incredible and humble example of a man who is always finding and creating ways to optimize your life, while being more powerful, vital and impactful!
In our conversation we discussed:
  • The first thing you can do in the morning to make everything else feel easier
  • How to have work-life balance without sacrificing business
  • How men asking for help is actually a good thing
  • Why no one can actually control you
  • The difference between excellence and perfection 
  • Taylor's sniper platoon test and the important lessons it revealed
Pay special attention to Taylor's story about his sniper platoon test. Most of us never experience what Taylor did and he turned a potentially devastating experience into wisdom for himself and others!

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