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Man Alive

Apr 8, 2021

Anger is one of the scariest emotions for many people to feel. Often when it is expressed, it is not in a healthy way. But anger is important and we can't overlook it. It arises in moments when our boundaries are crossed, our needs are threatened or we feel disrespected.  

Today's Man Alive guest is a powerful example of a woman who has gone deep into her own pain to come out the other side with tools and understandings that work with the core of intense emotions and experiences. 

Ilan Stephani is the bestselling author of Skin and Games and a Somatic Researcher in the Fields of embodiment, sexuality, trauma, health and mysticism. She helps people unlearn cultural conditioning and gain back your natural orgasmic aliveness! Ilan helps us understand what to do with a woman's anger and your own. 

In our conversation we discussed:

  • Why women can get so angry
  • Why it can be wise to hate your partner (and how to shift that!)
  • How mastering rage, "No," and "Stop" naturally leads to love
  • How sex becomes natural once people feel safe 
  • Your body's role in helping you release anger and be more alive and connected

Ilan's work is a breath of fresh air and is powerful. These ideas may seem strange at first but she and I agreed that if more conservative methods worked, people would be experiencing a lot more love and connection than they are these days. 

We cannot only explore the light side of life. We all feel anger, fear and grief and we need to bring them to the surface, rather than holding them in and on our own.

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