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Man Alive

Apr 1, 2021

You don't have to be the CEO of a business, to be the CEO of your life! 

The more you are following your visions, rather than the visions laid out by cultural or family expectations, the more you are the CEO of your life, and it will be meaningful, exciting, and successful.

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, Rylee Meek, founder and CEO of Social Dynamic Selling System, has taken many businesses to 7-figures and produced $80 in sales in the last eight years. He is also the author of Food For Thought: How to Use Dinner Seminar Marketing to Grow Your Business in Ways You Never Thought Possible. 

Whether you run your own business or want to become the CEO of your own life, this episode is full of the incredible wisdom Rylee has gleaned on his path.

In our conversation we discussed:

  • What it takes to not only grow a business but to create an inspiring life and legacy 
  • The path to predictable, sustainable and scalable revenue 
  • The language shifts you can make that create more and faster success 
  • The keys to effective sales in business, that also work in romantic relationships(!)
  • How to avoid where most men get stuck in their business and financial journey

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