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Man Alive

Mar 18, 2021

In today's episode of the Man Alive, we have a guest who has traveled the world and created businesses based on his passions. Jesse Krieger is the author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and is now the founder and publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, helping people with great ideas publish their books.

Have you wondered whether the thousands of hours you spend each year working could be more enjoyable, or whether you could have more success or make more money doing what you love?

Would you like your work life to include more freedom and adventure? If you've set these aside to take on adult responsibilities, this is a good time to reassess. 

The world has turned upside down and we are creating new ways to work that never before seemed possible. Now is a great time to envision what would be fun and meaningful in your future! Ultimately Jesse believes that being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about living creatively expressed and free, having a network of friends around the world and opportunities that present themselves in auspicious ways.

In our conversation we discussed:

  • First steps for entering the entrepreneurial world with low risk and high gain
  • Reframing the idea of risk to allow for less fear and more traction 
  • How to get clear about your vision and mission -- the foundation of any business 
  • Ways to ride the waves of instability that can come with entrepreneurship and business growth 
  • How to start having more adventure and freedom wherever you are, before you start traveling for business

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