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Man Alive

Feb 25, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, Dr. Nell Smircina, said Andropause can start as early as your 30's these days. But wait, do you know what Andropause is? Most men don't and it's important that you do!

Andropause can be likened to a woman's experience of menopause. It's very common in our culture to talk about women's hormonal phases but we rarely talk about men's and it's so important! 

I can't believe I'd never heard of Andropause, and neither have many men I asked about it. If you are struggling with brain fog, tiredness, lowered libido, midday exhaustion, or generally not feeling like yourself, this is something to look into.


Dr. Nell has a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine, as well as many other degrees. With a predominantly male patient base, she became interested in this critical phase in a man’s life. She created PIQUE Health for Men where she also focuses how to help men achieve peak performance, based on their individual needs with work and lifestyle. 

In our Man Alive conversation we discussed:

  • What Andropause is and how to treat it 
  • How to be truly healthy, beyond the western medical model (which often leaves men struggling and confused) 
  • The 3 Pillars of Peak Performance and surprising ways to optimize your performance
  • The keys to both mental and physical stamina
  • How to stop settling for brain fog, weight gain, exhaustion or low libido as a fact of getting older

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