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Man Alive

Feb 11, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, Ted Bunch, is the Chief Development Officer of A Call to Men. He is a leading voice on male socialization, the intersection of masculinity and violence, and healthy, respectful manhood. Ted is the co-author of The Book of Dares: 100 Ways For Boys to be Kind, Bold and Brave. The book has been called “a direct answer to parents’ cries for building healthy masculinity, respect, and emotional literacy in their sons.”

Many men did not grow up feeling safe to reveal all parts of themselves. They are then tempted to hide their hopes, fears, desires and emotions.

The Man Box is now understood as a way to view the limiting persona and characteristics many men have been trained to emulate. Whether its parents, teachers, media, or the culture, the message has been clear for many generations: In order to be manly, you have to be strong and tough. You can't fall apart, need help or ask for it. 

Thankfully times are changing. You are likely seeing and hearing more organizations and people talking about the importance of welcoming men's vulnerability.

Today's conversation is an important one to support men to be free from cultural limitations, creating more safety and well-being for all. 

We discussed:

  • How being socialized into cultures of sexism hurts everyone, including men 
  • Ways to welcome your kids emotions and authenticity 
  • What it will take to decrease the astronomical rate of men's anxiety, depression and suicide
  • The importance of speaking up rather than staying silent 
  • The Book of Dares and integrating A Call to Men's principles into communities

When you're done with this episode, I highly recommend watching my TEDx talk called: What 1,000 Men's Tears Reveal About the Crisis Between Men and Women. It's important that you're supported in your vulnerability and this talk is a great first step. Men and women have expressed how helpful this was for them to hear!  

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