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Man Alive

Jan 28, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast guest, former NFL athlete Anthony Trucks, helps people make SHIFT happen! He sees possibilities where others see limitations. He boldly and humbly walks his talk. Anthony had an incredibly challenging childhood and has created a 7-figure business, helping people achieve their goals, while continuing to prioritize his kids and having a positive impact on the world.

The roots of success are deeper than most people realize. If you're attempting to be more successful by managing your actions, but haven't looked at who you are and why you do what you do, today's episode with Anthony Trucks is for you. He lays out the path to success and achieving your goals. 

In this conversation we talked about:

  • Recognizing who you actually are as the door to success, joy and fulfillment
  • What it takes to make consistent and sustainable shifts in your life
  • How to up-level your identity, rather than settle for its limitations
  • The uniqueness of the SHIFT method's everyday doable actions
  • Anthony's personal journey walking his talk and applying the SHIFT Method to parenting 


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