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Man Alive

Jan 14, 2021

Today's Man Alive podcast conversation is with Dr. John Schinnerer, who spent the past 20 years distilling the best research-based tools and methods to help clients overcome anxiety and anger, and move towards a contented and purposeful life.

Dr. John was one of three experts to consult with Pixar on the Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Out. He is a nationally recognized speaker and an award-winning author with a top-rated blog and over 200 radio how appearances.

For many men, stress, relationship conflict, parenting, disappointments in sex and intimacy, can all get in the way of consistent happiness. In this episode, Dr. John talks about how to spend more time feeling happy, relaxed and at ease.
In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • What happiness actually is and how to have more of it
  • How to escape “man box culture” and its painful limitations
  • Realistic optimism -- what it is and why it allows you to be happier 
  • How to tune into more positive emotions so you can feel better for longer
  • Men who bring their emotions to the workplace and are respected for it
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